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Enhancing sustainability through alignment with ESG leaders.

Our purpose is to finance profitable, reliable and sustainable Canadian energy development.

Our vision is to invest capital alongside partners with high quality, economically resilient assets who are demonstrating strong and improving ESG performance and those who can lead in utilizing technology to enhance value. The outcome of our vision is a resilient company with sustainable returns to shareholders and long-term option value.

2022 Sustainability Report

Topaz is committed to delivering superior, sustainable investment returns to our shareholders by fostering a strong and committed work force, mitigating climate-related risk and upholding strong corporate governance and ethics, and we are committed to continuous improvement.


Strong governance framework and community engagement

Topaz's robust corporate governance framework is attentive to diversity and inclusion, independence and oversight of related party transactions, which provides the foundation for a sustainable business.

Topaz's stakeholder engagement policy guides our community engagement with an emphasis on (i) promoting healthier and more sustainable communities, (ii) supporting educational opportunities and (iii) fostering employee engagement in the community.

Transparent structure with strong shareholder alignment

Topaz has a simple corporate structure with insider share ownership policies promoting strong shareholder alignment; and has established a culture of accountability and alignment with executive compensation tied to comprehensive elements of financial and strategic performance alongside ESG integration. Related party transactions are governed by independent directors and a Related Party Transaction Policy.

No direct oil and gas production

Focus on lower emissions energy investment underpinned by:

► Topaz does not have direct oil and gas production and is not exposed to future capital costs, associated emissions or abandonment obligations, but partners and plays are thoughtfully selected on the basis of integrated economic and environmental sustainability; and

► non-operated ownership interests in new, state of the art natural gas processing facilities and certain water management infrastructure that together produce very low emissions.

Sustainable long-term growth strategy

Our investments are focused on low-cost, high-quality energy resources and assets, those that attract capital even during periods of lower commodity prices and are operated by producers focused on strong and improving ESG performance. We believe these companies are best positioned to generate sustainable long-term growth and profitability for Topaz and its investors.

ESG Investment Criteria

ESG considerations pervade our strategic decision making process, which focuses on the following key themes:

How do we determine active stewardship and positive ESG impacts by our partners?
  • Shareholder alignment through good governance, share ownership and human capital development
  • GHG emissions reduction performance and commitment
  • Water management practices, including plans to reduce freshwater withdrawals and impact on water stress
  • Commitment to Indigenous communities and partnerships
  • Health and safety performance and commitment
We’re looking for partners for the next generation of energy investment.
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