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Enhancing sustainability through alignment with ESG leaders.

We strategically partner with Canadian producers who demonstrate active environmental stewardship and have the financial capability to influence ESG and technological advancement.

Topaz’s primary revenue streams are generated through indirect investment in the Canadian energy industry. Topaz has strict investment criteria underpinned by alignment with credit worthy, ESG leading counterparties as financial strength and size are fundamental to providing ESG leadership as the ability to invest in new technology enables meaningful environmental leadership and innovation.


Strong governance framework

Framework is attentive to diversity and independence, which provides the foundation for a sustainable business

Simple corporate structure

Simple corporate structure. Our simple and transparent pay-for-performance compensation structure is strongly aligned with the long-term interests of Topaz shareholders

No direct oil and gas production

Topaz has no direct oil and gas production and our infrastructure assets are relatively new and technologically efficient. Topaz is aligned with operators demonstrating active environmental stewardship and innovation

Sustainable long-term growth strategy

Focused on investment in top quartile energy resources which attract the most capital and technological innovation.. Dynamic, scalable business model is designed to capitalize on the intersection and transition of long-term trends demanding decarbonization and sustainable resources