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Offering the best attributes of both the royalty and infrastructure energy market segments.

Un-matched royalty and infrastructure asset quality

Topaz’s strategic advantages rest upon the un-matched quality of its asset portfolio that was assembled during a generational M&A opportunity environment. Topaz helped to finance prolific, long-life reserves and crystallize inherent infrastructure value during a time of capital scarcity. With more than 30 decades of collective experience provided by its board and management, Topaz continues to leverage relationships and expertise to selectively invest in premium energy assets, operated by leading Canadian operators. The differentiated business structure underscores Topaz's strong growth outlook and reliable, sustainable, and growing dividend. As an energy investment company, Topaz does not operate, exercise control, or develop energy assets. Topaz's royalty portfolio is highlighted by over 60% undeveloped acreage which attracts operator development negated of land tenure risk, with no capital required by Topaz. The royalty assets generate over 95% operating margin and the infrastructure assets generate over 85% operating margin.

Our Approach

Topaz's strategic relationship with Tourmaline underpins strong growth prospects due to a proven track record and outlook transparency. Tourmaline is well positioned to be an industry consolidator, providing a pipeline of potential future royalty or infrastructure asset sales to Topaz.

Topaz will pursue acquisitions with high-quality counterparties that have substantial resource and organic growth potential, partnering with high-quality operators to secure long term take-or-pay contracts which generate stable revenues.

Topaz’s infrastructure assets are supported by long-term, fixed fee take-or-pay commitments which provide significant, low-risk dividend coverage. The majority of free cash flow will be used to pay dividends with a long-term payout ratio target of 60% to 90%.


Topaz Energy Corp.’s wholly owned subsidiaries include:

  • Keystone Royalty Corp. (amalgamated with Topaz Energy Corp. April 29, 2022)
  • Reserve Royalty Commercial Trust
  • Reserve Royalty Limited Partnership
  • Reserve Royalty GP Ltd.
  • Reserve Royalty GP#2 Ltd.
  • Reserve Royalty (Manitoba) LP
  • Jarvie Royalty Partnership